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Fiesta de la Toma (Festival of the Capture) – Jan 2nd

If you were a Sol Education Abroad student studying in Granada, Spain you wouldn’t have to be in school today or back to work, but rather celebrating Fiesta de la Toma (Festival of the Capture)!¬† Among the many Spanish, Andaluc√≠an and even Granadian festivals there are in a year (which is a lot!), the Festival of the Capture, unique to Granada, starts off the year with exciting colors, culture & history! This day is in recognition of the day the Catholics Monarchs “liberated” Granada in 1492. As we all know Spaniards have some of the most beautiful & culturally rich festivals in the world and this day is no exception. During la Fiesta de la Toma the festivities can include very eccentric & colorful parades displaying 15th century period costumes, the raising of the monarchs’ banner at the Ayuntamiento (City Hall – in Plaza del Carmen), as well as many young persons climbing up the Alhambra’s Toree de la Vela to ring its bell.

Here is a short video on the raising of the monarchs’ banner at city hall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHQ-ZI2HwDA